Green Smoothie Power - Yes, You can!


The Green Smoothie Kit Gives You:


Instructional DVD to make you a Green Smoothie Expert!

Find out for Yourself Why Thousands of People are Turning to Green Smoothies for More Energy, Better Health, Detox & Weight Loss! Are you not experiencing the level of energy and good health you desire? Green Smoothies could be your answer to start getting results.

Learn all about the Green Smoothie in Jennifer’s Green Smoothie Power DVD.
You will understand why leafy green vegetables are the missing element in today’s modern diet and why we’ve become the sickest species on the planet
as a result. You will learn why and how the Green Smoothie is the solution to getting your body back to a superior state of health, and to staying there!
No more fad diets, supplements or yo-yo eating. Just by adding One Green Smoothie a day to what you already eat, you will automatically feel better.
The Power is in the Greens!



How to Make Green Smoothies

…plus a ‘How to’ Green Smoothie eBook and a Quick Reference Guide!!

Your eBooks are available for instant download when you purchase the Green Smoothie Power Kit. Use the Quick Reference Guide to get started immediately. Read the How to Make Green Smoothies eBook for inspiration and motivation. You can be making your first Green Smoothie within minutes. Why wait any longer to get the results you desire and deserve?

Learn what the necessary tools are for healing and understand why you can’t get long-term results without eating more greens in your diet. See why having greens in a raw and blended form is the superior way to get all the Power of the Greens. Recognize the difference between juicing, blending, eating raw salads and cooking greens. And of course, learn how to make Green Smoothies so you can start to benefit right away! People are getting results because it’s fast, easy and it really works!



…and Over 200 Green Smoothie Recipes!

Not only will you watch how to make Green Smoothies in your DVD and read about them in your eBooks, but you will also receive an additional eBook with 200 Recipes, ready to be blended into Green Smoothie Power! That’s 4 different Green Smoothies every week for an entire year!!

We wanted you to have plenty of options. So we developed 200 different Green Smoothie Recipes for you. Start your day with a Happy Morning, Daily Detox, Quick Cleanse, Fresh Start, Power Blaster or Digestive Balance. Choose Total Energy, Instant Health, Basic Instinct, Champion Blend, Enzyme Energy, Liver Tonic or Pick Me Up for lunch. For Dinner, try Tweet-worthy, Full of Gratitude, Mega Omegas, Natural Glow, Divine Creation, Super Dude or Fountain of Youth. You can have your Green Smoothie as a snack or at whatever meal works best for you. Just One Green Smoothie a day is all it takes!



…then Maximize the Power of the Greens with Superfoods!

Superfoods have been growing in popularity as people try to reverse mineral deficiencies due to a lifestyle full of stress, toxins, lack of sleep and devitalized or processed food. If your goal is to increase anti-oxidants, chlorophyll, minerals, protein and/or general nutrition in your diet, then Superfoods are the ideal ingredient to add to your Green Smoothies!

Maybe you’ve heard of this term ‘Superfoods,’ but aren’t exactly sure what they are or if you even need them. Jennifer not only teaches you about Superfoods but she also shows you how to easily add them to your Green Smoothie. You will learn about high-antioxidant Superfoods such as Acai Powder and Goji Berries, high-protein Superfoods like Hemp and Flax and high-mineral Superfoods such as Wheatgrass, Spirulina, Dulse, Alfalfa and Kelp. And that’s not all! In your eBook, you will also receive recipe combinations of Superfoods and Green Smoothies for strengthening the liver, skin, colon, kidneys and blood. Imagine what an expert you will soon be!



…FREE EXTRAS Included in Your Green Smoothie Kit!
2 High-Quality 100% Cotton Sprout Bags Just for You!

With your new sprouts bags, a jar, some water and just a little effort, you will transform highly nutritious seeds, beans and grains into delicious living vegetables packed with vitamins, minerals, protein, anti-oxidants, phyto-nutrients, fiber and enzymes for the body. You will learn how to make fresh sprouts for your Green Smoothie and you’ll see for yourself the perfect way to enjoy them…as garnish on your Great Green Gaspacho!

“There is so much to learn with nutrition and healthy eating…it can get overwhelming!” Not to worry! Jennifer breaks this stuff down for you and gives you exactly what you need to know. It’s all about being practical in a fast-paced busy world. Sprouting is something that everyone can do and certainly everyone can benefit from. See this as an opportunity to bring together everything you have learned…and actually put it to use! Jennifer will teach you how. Adding fresh lentil, mung bean, sunflower, alfalfa, pea or buckwheat sprouts to your Green Smoothie is the perfect way to add more variety and nutrition to your diet!


Blender Love

…and No, you do not need an expensive blender to make Green Smoothies!!

But, you have to know the secret of Blender Love. As long as you ‘Love your Blender,’ you can use any standard household blender for successful Green Smoothie blending.

The first thought to many might be, “Well I can’t afford a new blender, so I can’t make Green Smoothies.” This is where you are wrong! Jennifer shows you some easy-to-remember tricks for making great Green Smoothies in any standard household blender. Remember, a Mercedes or a Toyota will get you there just the same, the point is to start moving! Be careful not to create ‘barriers’ to your own success. Are you ready to start your journey?


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The Green Smoothie Kit
Green Smoothie Instructional DVD
‘How to’ Green Smoothie eBook
Quick Start Green Smoothie Guide
Plus 200 Green Smoothie Recipes!
And Sprout Bags for Adding Protein!!
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