Top 5 Reasons to Drink Green Smoothies

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By now, you may have heard of Green Smoothies and you may know people who’ve tried them. But do you know why they are so beneficial? These top 5 benefits of drinking Green Smoothies will explain.

1. Practical

Fresh Kale is great in a Green Smoothie

Let’s face it, if something is not practical, then the chances of making it a long-term habit are slim. I meet clients who took my Green Smoothie Class 5 years ago, and they tell me they are still making a Green Smoothie every day!

We’re so busy these days that we almost don’t have time to chew! Blend it all up, save time and effort, and, no matter what else you eat throughout the day, you’ll be still getting more nutrition than before.

You can add a Green Smoothie to a cooked food diet, a raw food diet, a vegan, vegetarian or meat-eating diet and still experience positive results. It doesn’t matter where you are now; what matters is where you want to go.

2. Can Make in Advance

Green Smoothies keep for up to 2 days in the refrigerator. That means you can make a batch on Sunday night for Monday and Tuesday and already have it ready to take with you in the morning. On Tuesday night, you can make another batch for the next 2 days. Being able to make Green Smoothies in advance means more people can fit it into their busy schedule. It only takes a few minutes to blend a Green Smoothie, and a blender is fast and easy to clean, unlike a juicer.

3. Real Results: Success Stories

Many people report feeling better within days of having their first Green Smoothies, even when they don’t make any other changes to their diet or lifestyle. I’ve had clients who suffered from constipation for years get results in less than a week.

Other amazing results from my Green Smoothie graduates: symptoms of menopause gone, pain in knees gone, grey hair reversed, menstrual cycle normalized, PMS gone, IBS reversed, skin conditions cleared, acid reflux gone, digestive disturbance gone, and weight loss maintained. It’s all in the ‘Power of the Greens!’

4. Nutrient Dense Fiber

Most people are simply not eating enough fiber in their diet today. Combine that with high stress levels that deplete the body of minerals and make the pH acidic and you can easily see how Green Smoothies could be the answer to getting people back to health. The ‘Power’ of the Greens is a combination of minerals, chlorophyll, fiber, alkalinity and energy from the sun. Can you remember the last time you ate a whole bunch of parsley in one day, if ever?

Getting greens in your Green Smoothie every day is a regular ‘dose’ of real nutrition.

5. Alkaline pH

Excess acid waste creates a breeding ground for many types of dis-ease. A diet high in meat, fish, cheese, bread, white flour, white sugar, fried foods, chocolate, coffee and alcohol can create a chronic state of acidosis. Green Smoothies provide a regular intake of alkalizing foods to help restore the body back to a balanced alkaline pH.

It can actually be that simple. To date, we have ‘man-handled’ our food way too much and we think we know better than what Mother Nature has given us. The further we get away from natural and whole foods, the sicker we have become as a species. Isn’t it time that we reclaim our health, and give the body what it’s been waiting for its entire life….yes, a daily dose of Greens!

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